Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mathhammer: doing it right?

So I was exploring the wild and wonderful internets, where I found this
"Choke slamming a shark and 'Mega Sound'? This is how you sell a freaking movie, kids."
Kidding, I mean this, an article by Nikephoros over at House of Paincakes, regarding Mathhammer and how to apply it.
I tried the method he presented on the list in this article, and this is what I got.
DMS: 36.742
DMCC: 27.78
DRPG: 59.01
DLRPG: 32.708
now, if you compare it to stelek's list, or really, any of them, you can see why Daemons struggle with anti-tank. However... the DRPG and DLRPG scores are skewed. They assume that Daemons are on the board the whole game, which they aren't. Adjusted for how long the average unit is off the board, it comes out like this:
DMS: 36.742
DMCC: 27.78
DRPG: 47.208
DLRPG: 26.166
ah. See, that's pitiable. It's very clear from this where Daemons, at least my shooting-heavy list, strengths and weaknesses lie. Penetrating hits are hard to come across against Land Raiders, more common against Rhinos, but the anti-MEQ ability is staggering, at range at in combat.

So what do your lists look like, broken down so? I'm curious how well this system can objectify strengths and weaknesses of a list.