Monday, June 25, 2012

Battle Report: Daemons VS Grey Knights

I convinced my brother (who picked up grey knights mostly to spite me) to play a 800pt battle, and decided it would be a great opportunity to do a battle report for the blog.

Here's his list

Draigo, 275

2 paladins with halberds, 110

3 paladins, one with a Daemonhammer and psycannon, one with an incinerator and halberd, and the other with a halberd. 190

5-man Purgation squad, 4 psycannons, justicar has a Daemonhammer, rhino. 220

Here's my list.

3 Chariots of Tzeentch, each with Bolt, WaL and MoS, 330

5 Crushers, instrument, 205

5 Horrors, Bolt, Changeling 100

9 bloodletters, 164

The preferred half contained a chariot, the 5 horrors and 9 bloodletters, and the other half had 2 chariots and the 5 bloodcrushers.We rolled Annihilation and Pitched battle. I won the roll off, and chose to go second. Grand Strategy was Hammer of Righteousness, and he used it on Draigo and the Purifiers.

T1, top. After deploying, moving, running, and popping smoke on the rhino, this is what the board looked like.

The table is 5x5, I painted it myself :) click to enlarge. The painted-on terrain, we decided, did nothing.
that's draigo and his unupgraded paladins on the right, and the other paladin squad on the left. 
Those rocks are our terrain- yes, sparse, but it's all LoS blocking, and since everyone had a 5++ or better, it wasn't a big deal. And yes, he physically piled all his purgators in the rhino.

T1, bottom. I got my preferred wave, and everything came in on target.

The horrors were a bit closer than I liked to the non-draigo squad. They fired at the rhino, Bolt penned and stunned, and a warpfire glanced and shook- both were ignored by cover. The chariot fired Bolt and Gaze at the non-draigo squad, and wounded one with Gaze. First blood to Daemons! The bloodletters ran 4", and used it to spread out, and hopefully block the non-draigo's assault to the horrors.
The bloodletters ended up doing more than I hoped, but not how I thought.
T2, top. The purgators moved 12" away and disembarked,  while both squads of paladins moved towards the bloodletters.

The Purgators fire at the bloodletters, but I go "aha! Changeling!" turns out, the bloodletters are packed so dense they completely block LoS, which is required for the changeling's power. huh. The Purgators fire 8 shots at the bloodletters, and kill 6 of them, leaving three bloodletters alive. Draigo and pals fire at the bloodletters, but the changeling controls their shooting! Draigo fails his psychic test for his brainflame, but the other paladin's storm bolters killed their justicar (with the hammer, remember) The other paladins, with the psycannonhammer and incinerator, kill the rest of the bloodletters with shooting. 1-0, Grey Knights.

that's my brother's hand, it's in several pictures. He wanted to be on the internet.
T2 Bottom: One chariot and the bloodcrushers come in from reserves, and they both come in on target. The horrors back away, and the first chariot moves towards the exposed rhino and purgators.

The first chariot blew up the rhino(1-1), the explosion killed a purgator, and Daemonic Gaze kills another. They pass the Ld test. The other chariot fires Bolt at the non-draigo paladins, and kills the wounded one, and fires Gaze at the purgators and kills them all. 2-1, Daemons. The horrors fire at the non-draigos, but they pass their saves. The bloodcrushers run to spread out and get closer.

T3 top: both squads move towards the horrors and the bloodcrushers.

The paladin's psycannon kills one bloodcrusher, and all of draigo's squad's shooting fails one way or another. However, because the bloodcrusher died, Draigo and friends are out of assault range. Haha!
The paladins assault the bloodcrushers, and after all is said and done, the psychammer is dead, and the incinerator has one wound. A bloodcrusher took a wound, and the paladins pass their Ld test.
T3 bottom: The last chariot comes in from reserve, and scatters 4" away. Everything moves into position to light up Draigo and friends. They fired everything, but only the pink horrors managed to put a wound on a paladin and draigo. The bloodcrushers finished off the paladin with no further difficulties, and consolidated 5" away. 3-1, Daemons.
1 chariot is out of the frame, but the other's flying base is barely visible in the bottom-right.
T4 top: Draigo and friends go to the closest chariot, shoot, do 2 wounds, and assault, killing it with double hammerhand. They consolidate 1", 3-2, Daemons. 

T4 Bottom: Everything moves, and the bloodcrushers and horrors run, while the chariots fire everything and do nothing.
T5 Top: This is kind of where it turns into a chess match, moving and finagling and shooting a bit here and there, neither willing to move forward and take the charge. He moved a bit and killed 2 horrors.
T5 Bottom: Move away, everything shoots, and fails. Game goes on.
T6 Top: He moves closer, but the changeling stops his shooting.

T6 Bottom: moved away, Bolt horror wounds Draigo. game goes on.

T7 Top: Draigo and friends move closer, Draigo breaks off, and puts 2 wounds on the bloodcrushers from his brainflame, killing one. Unfortunately, that puts him out of assault range.
T7 bottom: Everything shoots at the 2 paladins, kills one wounds the other, bloodcrushers assault Draigo, draigo kills another crusher, crushers kill draigo. Game over, Daemons win 4-2.

The game was won and lost in the movement phase, really. Interestingly, the shooting did far more damage (killing all the bloodletters, remember?) than the ~600pt draigo-paladin combo. It's hard to draw solid conclusions from such a small game, but it is worth noting.