Monday, June 4, 2012

Email in: 2000pt Undivided, 4-herald list

This is an email from Hendrix in reply to the comments in this article.

I took into consideration what you said and scarped [sic] the list. ( the funny thing is I do own two heralds of tzeentch on chariots just never made a list to use them.)

so this is what I came up with (using models I actually own.)

2x HoT on chariots w/ legion, master, and bolt 110
1x HoK on juggernaut w/ gift, fury, and unholy might 135
1x skulltaker on juggeranut 175 pts.

2x 8-man juggernauts -320 each

5x pink horrors w/ bolt and changling 105
5x  pink horrors w/ bolt 95
5x plaguebearers 75
20x daemonettes 280 ( still need to get my hands on 20 of these models)
First off, the changeling and bolt squad is only 100.
The total anti-tank of this list is 2 BS4 bolts of tzeentch, and 2 BS3 bolts of Tzeentch. At 2000 pts, it's hardly enough. On average, that's 1 penetrating hit on AV11 per turn, and that's about a 50% chance to destroy the tank: and that's if everything is on the board: not dead, not in reserve, and that happens very rarely.

1/2 (optimistically) a dead rhino per turn means that all the horrifically devastating anti-infantry that the list brings will never come into play.

a Daemon list, it it's all on the field, ought to be able to put out at least 3 penetrating hits on AV11 per turn, at range.

This isn't a surefire way of saying "I'll get three pens per turn!" It's more of a guideline to see, objectively, if there is enough anti-tank in a list.

The way I calculate this is by adding up all the bolts of Tzeentch, dividing them by their chance to hit, and then by their chance to penetrate AV11, then doing the same for Tongue on Soul Grinders. Thus, your list averages 1 pen on AV11.

The funny thing is that Daemons never need to try to get anti-infantry- it almost comes accidentally, after you've begged, borrowed and stolen for anti-tank. I'll let you figure out how to get the 3 pens on average, but protip- Quad-chariot never lets me down.

Feel free to bring the 20-daemonette squad (the bloodcrushers don't need to be 8-each- 5 is plenty for most purposes), but make sure you aren't losing anti-tank for the sake of CC. Most armies can't come close to Daemon CC, so don't build it up to an imaginary standard.

Remember everyone, my inbox is always open for any questions or requests!