Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chaos Daemons Review Part VII, Elites

warpstone flux
Chaos Daemons Review Part VII, Elites
The elites slot will be crowded, there’s some fierce competition between 3 of the units in it. How you build your elites dictates what all your other FO slots are.

Fiends of Slaanesh: Great!
Fiends are 30 pts each, and for that you get Beasts, hit and run, and... 5 S5 RENDING ATTACKS? WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE HAVE 18? Well, for downsides- they’re as durable as 2 bloodletters, so, they die quickly. They are good for ripping tanks to pieces, but I’ve found Chariots of Tzeentch do the job better. Also, try using them like heralds of Slaanesh, bouncing in and out of combats. Unlike Heralds, they can stay in combats too, and murder lots of face.
They are a great unit: I, personally, don’t use them. If they were in Fast Attack, I would use them more. Oh, and give one Unholy Might, it’s a pretty good buy.

Flamers of Tzeentch: Great!
Flamers come with Breath of Death and Warpfire standard, and with BS4, they know how to use them. Jump Infantry status is very useful to get where you want, lining you up for burnination. Speaking of, 4-5 can kill almost anything by burning it: anything w/o an invulnerable is simply annihilated, and with a little luck, even terminators can be brought down by them. Bolt of Tzeentch is a good choice: it lets the unit threaten anything, and yes, I KNOW it’s expensive, but the utility is well worth it.

This unit takes some skill to use: after they burn something, there’s a good chance they’ll get assaulted unless you have something nearby to charge for them. Stay back and pepper things with warpfire and Bolt until a nice, expensive, vulnerable target presents itself: Flamers are assassins, use them that way and they will serve you well.

Bloodcrushers: Great!
These are bloodletters, but without the durability issue: they just... rampage. Get a 3-6 squad, drop them close, take 3 wounds from shooting, and RAMPAAAGE!
They’re T and S5, 3A, WS5, power weapons... that’s amazing. Getting the charge with these guys, even just a 3-man squad, murders lots of things. 12 S6 power weapon attacks is just enough to kill a bunch of models, and usually stay in combat until the end of the your opponent’s assault phase, by which time everything will be dead. Try more, try less: see how they work for you. I prefer these guys over fiends, as they are much killier. Fury of Khorne isn’t a bad buy, to avoid getting stuck in combat with dreadnoughts. They aren’t bad icon holders, either. Don’t get instrument, they are winning combats. One last note: Do NOT be afraid to run ahead and get charged: it’s better than hanging back and getting shot to death and doing nothing.

Beasts of Nurgle: Bad.
The red-headed stepchild of the Elites. They’re as tough as 2 plaguebearers, with 5 pts for random attacks. And they don’t score. And they aren’t even beasts. :\ With such fierce competition for the Elites, I would leave these guys at home.

That’s all for Elites. Next is Fast Attack!


  1. Booldcrushers rule, love them. I like flamers but I need a few more I think. They do some damage then vanish in a flash of return fire. Fiends sound good but I just don't like the model, don't know why, just not a fan. Beasts never called to me so I'll avoid them like the plage (sorry, bad joke).

  2. Bloodcrushers, to be honest, are kinda wierd. As juggernauts they are basically carrying a huge bullseye around, inviting everbody and their dog to hurl even the tiniest bit of ammo down the range to get rid of them, thusly suffering from the same problem U'zuhl does in being dead killy and everybody knowing it. Most players react violently to the sight of them, instantly zeroing in any gun of note onto them. However, they are super-cheap for their absurdly good statline, so oversaturate the field with those terrors. Very few armies have the firepower to get rid of even one squad in one turn, so just plonk down three. Fun times. Stear clear of plasma however, it will ruin your day.
    Fiends are good, but suffer from not being Bloodcrushers. That is literally all there is to them.
    Flamers are best used as throwaway units. Drop them onto the table and murder something expensive, then get hammered to death or shot to bits. Should they survive: Hey, bonus.
    I saw a clever opponent once use Beasts to deter scouts and deepstrikers in his backfield, but that was mostly because he only used nurgle models. It worked surprisingly well, but other units might have done the job better or cheaper.

    ...I wonder if this comment will get eaten as well.

    1. flamers are interesting, I see them used as suicide frequently, but I don't think that's the best use of them. With a little points investment towards a 5 man squad, they can be used many times to great effect- I'll touch on this more after the main review.