Friday, June 1, 2012

The Daemon's Lair: Project Biomorph 1.1

It's Friday, so today's post will be the Daemon's Lair, my weekly editorial! This is where I discuss non-tactics, once a week.

As you all are no doubt aware, Project Biomorph released their first ruleset! (link: download available there also) The simple fact that they actually have a ruleset, instead of debating which dice to use, puts them firmly above M42 in my mind.

But let's look at the rules, (specifically, what they mean for Daemons) after the jump.
I'm assuming you have the rules up in front of you, I won't quote them.

 Defensive action. This is a nice little bit that lets the player who got the second turn not get murdered just because they couldn't get their defensive stuff up. Giving less advantage to the player who goes first is always good.
For Daemons, this just means that we don't have to worry about going first or second anymore- we can always go second firm in the knowledge that we lose nothing, and the opponent has lost a shooting phase.

HQ's score. Well, this is helpful, certainly, to any elite unit with an HQ joined to it.
For Daemons... if you thought plaguebearers were hard to remove, Great Unclean Ones can camp objectives now! MWAHAHAHA!
Also, your 4 Tzeentch chariots can also grab objectives. A 110 pt unit just got that much better.
I'm wondering if they'll change it to only things that use up HQ slots proper, so stuff like the necron Royal Court can't score, and thus every unit it attaches too.

Massive Trauma: Well, it makes expensive, multi-wound stuff like carnifexes more valuable, as it can't be insta-gibbed by a GK strike squad.
Daemons don't care :D

No dangerous- vehicles can move through terrain with impunity, deepstrike into terrain with no fear. This is temporary, but it is nice for the moment.

The changes to difficult terrain are good. No more worrying that you'll roll 1's for movement. 
Jump infantry, jetbikes, and the like aren't slowed by terrain. Good.

Running is changed- no more worrying about running an inch, you'll always go at least 3".

Cover is harder to get for everyone: units have to be 75% in cover, and vehicles and Monstrous Creatures always have their cover save reduced by 1. Excellent. Only makes our invulnerables more relevant, and our Soul Grinder was never getting cover anyway.

Rapid fire can move and fire one shot at 24", Gets Hot! is gone, and Suppressing is added. Not bad changes, but let's see what suppressing does.

Suppressed units have -1BS, move through difficult terrain (4" instead of 6"), and run just D3. Only some weapons have suppressing, but those that do force a leadership test at -1 for each wound inflicted. Note it doesn't have to cause a wound to force the test, it's just a negative modifier for each wound caused.

Oh, and Fearless is immune to suppression. Excellent. 

Assault: yay! No more Initiative 1 for assaulting through terrain! Daemons, who largely lack grenades, appreciate the change.

Hard Lock is awesome. It makes Deepstrike more reliable, and for Daemons, this means that we can go second, and then delay the first wave to turn 2, denying our opponents 2 shooting phases, and then dropping about half the second wave on turn 2 as well, bringing in 75% of the army in one turn! Scary!
Oh, and no more bunching up for deepstrike, which means you can shoot with Tzeentch instead of running to spread out.

Psychology... it's easier to rally, so focus on wiping out units instead of forcing them off the board.

Entanglement, the new hitting vehicles in close combat chart, and Overrun makes transports and vehicles in general more vulnerable to assault. Entanglement also gives some disadvantage to being in a transport, something that the game lacked before.

And finally, the list of weapons with suppressing! Notably, Warpfire! I would have liked Daemonic Gaze and Breath of Chaos to get it, but eh, daemons got helped a lot with a lot of the other rules.

That's it! Go ahead and contribute on the forums: do a battle and send in the batrep, or just offer your opinion.