Friday, June 22, 2012

The Daemon's Lair- My Story

It is the Daemon's Lair, my weekly editorial. This is my story, of how I got into warhammer.

Around this week a year ago, I don't remember the exact day, I really started playing 40k. I'd been interested for a while. My friends played it, and were into the backstory. They let me borrow their Black Library novels, notably the Grey Knights Omnibus by Ben Counter.

I have since learned to loathe the Anathema's slaves.
You'd think that reading about the Grey Knights beating up Daemons would cause me to like them, but I was enthralled by Tzeentch's plots, the maddened gibbering Daemons, the bizarre landscapes, the horrific, irreversible effect the presence of Chaos had on mere mortals.

I started playing soon after, ordering a Daemon codex and a big ol' rulebook, and picking up a box of Horrors and Flamers. I also carved some proxies from foam, to get an idea of what units I liked. I figured out double-great unclean one was pretty fun. Then I played some games where a squad of hormagaunts annihilated one in one assault phase, a guardsmen blob destroyed one with first rank fire, second rank fire- basically I figured out it didn't work.

About halfway through my first year, I realized that Daemons weren't very good.

I read. I scoured the internet, looking for every shred of tactical advice I could find, learning and devouring knowledge. I battled my one true rival, an eldar player and one the friends who first got me into the game, over and over again, each time being handed defeat after defeat. I grew as a player, learning more in each battle than I did with hours of reading.

Then I started giving everything Bolt of Tzeentch. I started slowly, oh so slowly, shifting my entire army to be shooting-based. I thought it was madness! And maybe it was, but it worked, and works. Even Daemons don't need much close combat at ALL. 

Around then I started the blog, feeling like I was ready. I'd been toying with the idea for a while. Shortly after, I got on the faeit212 blogexchange, and it really took off.

It was a while before I battled my rival again, months, as our schedules were often at odds. One day, however, we got a game in at the Games Workshop, and I finally beat him, in one of the best battles I've had for a long time.

Some time passed, and my rival has taken a hiatus from 40k, deciding to focus on more important things. I can hardly blame him, I've considered it myself on several occasions.

Now, with 6th rapidly approaching, (and I'm going to have to blow eighty bucks on the rulebook. Ugh.) I thought I'd post my story.

again, I am not a brony. At most, Ponycurious. This was just the first result on Google images.
So, what are your guys' (or gals. Not that I've seen any on this blog, but I'm sure they stop by.) stories? Sing to me the song of your people, as it goes.

also, yes the post is late. I was busy.