Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chaos Daemons Review Part V: HQ part IV: Special Heralds

Chaos Daemons Review Part V, HQ part IV, Special Heralds.
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The Masque: Bad.
Let’s see, she’s on foot, but fleet. She has about close combat and shooting capability and durability of 2 daemonettes (read, not much.), while costing more than 3 times as much. Oh look! she can use pavane 3 times! Nope, still not worth it. She isn’t even a character, so you can’t join her to squads. :\ she dies to lasguns, after she moves a couple squads out of cover. Waste of points, and a free KP.

Epidemius: Good.
He’s 110 pts for the Tally. Nothing else, forget everything else exists: drop him allll the way at the back and don’t let him die. If you’re going to bring him, build a mono-nurgle army built around the Tally, with maybe a Tzeentch chariot or 3 for tank-busting, as a mono-nurgle list will lack that.
Remember what EXACTLY the tally does, and how it will benefit each unit, and your strategies for each unit at each level of the tally.
So, kill 5 models, plagueswords wound on 3’s. This only benefits plaguebearers, but it benefits them a lot: your tarpit and scoring now has increased killing power.
Kill 10 models, everyone has noxious touch. This benefits nurglings, beasts, and plaguebearers immensely, as even your little nurglings are suddenly very, very threatening.
Kill 15 models, and FNP saves on a 3+. This benefits beasts, GUO’s, and plaguebearers, making them more durable against non-power weapon attacks.
Kill 20 models, and everyone ignores armor! This benefits everyone but GUO’s, as even shooting attacks ignore armor. Nurglings are very, very terrifying now, wounding on 2’s and ignoring armor: 2 of them do more damage than a carnifex in CC!
The trick is getting the tally going, hitting that critical mass where the slaughter becomes self-sustaining: winged nurgle DP’s with Touch and Flies, and possibly Gaze or Breath. I’ve also heard good things about Breath nurgle heralds, as mentioned before.
Build a list around him, and figure out how to deal with tanks. It’s a gimmick, make it work.

Blue Scribes: not the best choice.
He’s more expensive and a LOT less durable than a Tzeentch Chariot, so that’s one thing against him. He has pretty much every power, so he can do anything you want: protip, what you want is him casting Bolt twice, and if that fails, Pavaning things out of cover. Honestly though, I’d only use him until you figure out what spells you end up using the most, then get a unit that does that. He’s training wheels, you gotta take them off sometime.

Oh, I just LOOVE skulltaker: did you read his backstory? No? DO IT. NOW. I’ll wait.
Back yet? SEE? I TOLD YOU. Is he not a BOSS?
Oh, right, gameplay. Let’s see.
He’s a khorne herald on ‘Roids. He costs 40 pts more than a Khorne Herald with the same Gifts, and also gets WS7 and his quasi-force weapon: also, since rending is an auto-wound, he always wounds on a 4+ or better, if you run into a Trygon (instant death it), C’tan or wraithlord(instant death it). Stick him in a chariot to go it alone, and risk getting shot to death, or put him on a bloodcrusher and put him with other bloodcrushers to make them even more terrifying. Mwahahaha!

Now... he is a fire magnet. Everybody knows he's a boss, and will try to kill him. If he's all by his bad self in a chariot, he may or may not die, depending on how threatening the rest of your army is. Either way, you need to plan for him dying, and how the fact that the rest of your army isn't being shot at is going to help your army- make the DEATH of YOUR 160 pt character work to YOUR advantage.

Well, that finishes off the HQ’s! I know I was getting tired of them! NEXT is the troops!


  1. Thanks again for the info, kinda knew Skulltaker was a total beast but was not sure of the other three. Can move ahead with a bit more confidence as far as special Heralds are concerned. Thanks again.

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  3. You are now in the favorite list to be checked daily, as a new player (less than a year) this is really helpful both facing and picking deamons.